After putting off taking driving lessons for 13 years I’ve recently passed my theory and practical tests first time round with Jim’s help, encouragement and support. My confidence was at 0 when I first started my lessons, with Jim’s calm and patient manner of teaching, I slowly but surely gained my confidence. Jim has really good local knowledge as well as amazing knowledge of countless potential test routes which meant that I was able to practice these until I felt comfortable. Jim slowly introduced the sat nav training early enough for me to be able to completely feeling at ease with following the sat nav on my actual test. He also at the end of each lesson would run through what I’d achieved as well as run through what i would be doing in my next lesson, which was amazing for my anxiety as I didn’t have to spend a week wondering what would be next! Jim is very professional and very friendly, he was always waiting ahead of time before my lesson was due to start and throughout the pandemic has kept to a strict hygiene routine of cleaning the inside of the car before and after lessons. I am so grateful for everything Jim has done for me, my confidence and my life! Thank you so much.