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Wonderful! Older learner driver lacking in confidence PASSES TEST!

Jim (Alpha SOM) is extremely patient, kind, thorough, professional and, most importantly, SUCCESSFUL!

I was referred to Jim for automatic lessons as a cautious, risk-averse older learner driver (nearly 40) with tens and tens of manual lessons under my belt, but in no danger of passing a test any time soon, and with absolutely rock-bottom confidence. Jim worked diligently and patiently with me in building on and improving my driving skills, whilst also helping me find the confidence to take the practical test that I passed yesterday.

Before my test, Jim encouraged me to take control of my lessons which really helped. He has fantastic local driving knowledge and a really good grasp of the potential test routes meaning I was able to practice these with and without the sat-nav and I felt really prepared on the day.

Jim is just simply one of life’s good ‘uns – friendly, funny, caring and a pleasure to spend time with. I really cannot praise, thank or recommend him enough!

Jim The best instructor for a good driving

I would Very highly recommend Jim for a good, smooth, and safe driving…today I passed from first attempt because of him, teaching me and helping me a lot to learn to drive correctly and built that confident I was really missing with all those instructors I have been with before him I wast a lot of time and money without learning anything
Wich is with Jim every single lesson was very productive to me,
Thank you so much to be such an amazing person and passion with me and teaching me again and again without getting bored unless I got it right
Very happy to rate a 5 star today even you deserve more MR Jim , fatima

Best Instructor in Halifax!

I have tried many different Instructors but I have always struggled with driving because of my nerves, I was recommended by a friend to try Alpha school of motoring and then I met Jim. He has been an amazing instructor, I would highly recommend him. He is a patient guy with a great sense of humour. He helped me with every part of driving that I struggled with in a nice friendly manner this really helped me to relax and also it calmed my nerves and he helped me to pass.
Thank-you Jim!

The best instructor

I highly recommended alpha school of motoring. Jim is an amazing instructor I was able to learn so much in a short period of time.

well done

I just past my test ,very good lesson ,Jim have a lot of experience and explain you exactly what to do ,Is been recommended as very good instructor ,I am happy with what we done .Well done Jim and alphaschool!!!!

YvetteM-9 - Driving test

“Hi got in contact with Jim after a friend past his number on . Had a few lessons and enjoyed the calm and helpful instructor , he is great in explaining the situation to you , as I was a bit nervous about it all , I would recommend Jim to anybody that wants a 100% pass , he is just great x”
26 Oct 2017

BethanyW-23 - Best experience ever

“So far 4 members of the family have passed with this school, excellent instructor would highly recommend to anyone, just passed first time with 0 driving faults, always on time, very reliable, definitely would recommend to anyone wanting to pass.”
19 Oct 2017

AndrewO-635 – Fantastic

“I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Jim is patient, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Would recommend him to anybody looking to learn how to drive.”
07 Sep 2017

JackieL-45 - Professional and patient

“Jim is well planned and very knowledgeable. He guides you through the lessons and explains everything you need to know easily. I have tried to learn to drive with other instructors, but Jim was the first instructor who I felt was supporting me, rather than just telling me what to do. Thank you Jim, you have opened up my life.”
10 Aug 2017

AyeshaM-5 - Excellent!

“I’m extremely happy with my instructor he was very patient, committed and understanding. My instructor was very reliable, professional and always on time. I would definitely recommend him to others in fact I already have.”
04 Aug 2017

WdthkT- The best driving instructor ever!

“Jim is very professional with great patience. I am not good at driving, but with help from Jim, I have built up my confidence and have passed the driving test ! I will strongly recommend Alpha to anyone. Just brilliant!”
25 Jul 2017


“Good recommend ! I just passed my driving test yesterday on the first time and I’m so happy .
Jim is very good driving instructor , very patient , very helpful … Thanks.”
01 Jul 2017

SaranyaN - Excellent automatic car instructor around Halifax

“Even if you are a slow learner, Jim will teach you on your pace and make you feel comfortable and confident for your test.”
23 Jun 2017

TiaS-4 – Amazing instructor!

“Jim is a very good driving instructor and is very patient! I always felt comfortable and not under pressure! Wouldn’t go with anyone else. 10/10 would recommend!”
16 Jun 2017

MaisieB-6 – Excellent!

“Jim is such a good driving instructor, very patient. Passed first time! Felt very comfortable and gradually noticed my confidence starting to appear.
The techniques he taught me to do my manoeuvres with really helped! 10/10 would recommend.”
01 Jun 2017

KeelanF – Alpha school of motoring

“Great service throughout me learning to drive, very patient and also very good with times as I have a job that does not have set hours. Really good instructor I managed to pass my driving test in just 14 lessons. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking at learning to drive”
04 May 2017

DeanJ-41 – Best driving school in Halifax

“Jim is a great. he has all the time in the world to help anyone and gives you the best chance to pass first time he gave me his time and i passed first time. I did everything he told me and i was happy to tell you all if you want to pass go with Jim”
25 Apr 2017

SandhyaI– Excellent Instructor

“Jim is an excellent and patient instructor.He gives review and feedback after each class that helped me to learn better and pass in the first attempt with him in Halifax.He ensures lessons are tailored to prepare for practical driving test. I would strongly recommend Jim.”
21 Mar 2017

MandyS-48 – Brill instructor

“Just recently passed my test mainly down to Jim. Really patient great teaching methods & gave me a lot more confidence, would highly recommend.”
01 Feb 2017

JennaG-10 – Fantastic instructor

“I enjoyed my lessons and Jim was very patient.I recently passed my test after struggling to find a decent instructor over the passed few years.I would highly recommend to anyone.”
31 Jan 2017

JadeH-35 – Passed 1st time!

“I highly recommend alpha motoring school! I have felt so at ease with Jim as my instructor. I started leaning to drive in July from knowing pretty much nothing to going ahead 6 months later passing my test the 1st time. Jim is very calm and patient so I would highly recommend Jim.”
06 Jan 2017

RahulP-3 – Excellent Instructor

“He is a brilliant driving instructor, has great teaching methods and I would definitely recommend Jim. Especially to people like me who were new to driving as it can be quite daunting driving on the road for the first time, but there was always a very relaxed atmosphere during the lessons which really helped.”
05 Jan 2017

SwathiC – The best instructor ever

“I recently passed my driving test and I can confidently say it was possible only because I had such a wonderful instructor, Jim. He was very patient with me and helped me build my confidence and driving skills . I don’t think I could have ever been able to drive here in the UK if it weren’t for him. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a no nonsense , very dedicated and patient instructor.”
05 Jan 2017

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i’ve been learning with Jim for the past year. i have just passed my test first time with 1 minor!! i honestly had no confidence that i’d become a driver but my first lesson with Jim made me realise it would be possible for me. he is an amazing teacher – the way he can deliver instructions and explain things suited to the individual is what really helped me grasp the concepts i had trouble with. i’d recommend this driving school to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive, you will not be disappointed 🙂 wonderful instructor, very patient and just great in teaching!
thankyou jim !!

Ayesha Wasim

It’s hard to express in words how grateful I am to Jim !!! In my opinion, he is the best instructor in Halifax. If your goal is to pass the exam on the first try, then you should go to Jim. He is a professional in his field and will teach you everything to make you feel confident and safe on the road. Thank you so much Jim !!!


I was a very slow learner with difficulties in remembering roads . Jim never get tired of me and taught me with great patience. I passed in first attempt with 7 minor faults which was unbelievable. Jim is the best teacher you can find in Halifax . Thank you so much Jim. 😊😊😊


I passed my test in first go!! Jim is very professional with brilliant teaching methods. I would highly recommend him!

Atika Sadozai

Jim is a brilliant driving instructo, so patient and passionate. I’ve learnt so much since learning to drive with him, and he helped and guided me so that I could pass my test!
Thanks Jim for your support and help, couldn’t have asked for better!

Could not recommend enough!

Jen Short

After putting off taking driving lessons for 13 years I’ve recently passed my theory and practical tests first time round with Jim’s help, encouragement and support. My confidence was at 0 when I first started my lessons, with Jim’s calm and patient manner of teaching, I slowly but surely gained my confidence. Jim has really good local knowledge as well as amazing knowledge of countless potential test routes which meant that I was able to practice these until I felt comfortable. Jim slowly introduced the sat nav training early enough for me to be able to completely feeling at ease with following the sat nav on my actual test. He also at the end of each lesson would run through what I’d achieved as well as run through what i would be doing in my next lesson, which was amazing for my anxiety as I didn’t have to spend a week wondering what would be next! Jim is very professional and very friendly, he was always waiting ahead of time before my lesson was due to start and throughout the pandemic has kept to a strict hygiene routine of cleaning the inside of the car before and after lessons. I am so grateful for everything Jim has done for me, my confidence and my life! Thank you so much.


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